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Committed to Developing our Greatest Assets

The Secret Service offers career growth and opportunities to make your future as dynamic and rewarding as it can be. Because our highly-trained people are our greatest assets, we empower each individual to realize their full potential and more. We support the varied members of our team with progressive practices that help provide opportunities to further develop skills, follow their interests down new career paths, as well as provide an essential work/life balance.

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New Uniformed Division officers and special agent trainees undergo months of intensive training through established programs at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia.

For officers, this is followed by a 14-week specialized training at the Secret Service's training facilities outside Washington, D.C. Training includes coursework in police procedures, firearms, physical fitness, psychology, police-community relations, criminal law, first aid, laws of arrest, search and seizure, physical defense techniques, diplomatic immunity, international treaties and protocol. On-the-job training and advanced in-service training programs complement classroom studies.

For agents, upon successful completion of Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP) at FLETC, this is followed by a 18-week Special Agent Training Course at the Secret Service's training academy outside of Washington, D.C. This course focuses on specific Secret Service policies and procedures associated with the dual responsibilities of investigations and protection. Trainees are provided with basic knowledge and advanced application training in combating counterfeiting, access device fraud and other financial criminal activity, protective intelligence investigations, physical protection techniques, protective advances and emergency medicine. The core curriculum is augmented with extensive training in marksmanship, control tactics, water survival skills and physical fitness.

Secret Service agents and officers receive continuous advanced training throughout their careers. In part, this training consists of regular firearms requalification and emergency medicine refresher courses. Agents assigned to protective assignments also participate in unique crisis training simulations that present agents with a variety of "real world" emergency situations. Agents assigned to offices in the field have the opportunity to acquire advanced training in the area of criminal investigations and are also encouraged to attend training sessions sponsored by other law enforcement agencies.

All Secret Service employees participate in a wide variety of management and individual development courses. Ethics, Diversity, Interpersonal Awareness, Practical Leadership and Introduction to Supervision are among the topics currently offered to all personnel at the Secret Service.

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