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Administrative, Professional, and Technical

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Career Path

Administrative positions involve the application of a substantial body of knowledge of principles, concepts and practices applicable to one or more fields of administration or management and the application of analytical research, writing and judgment. Professional positions involve work requiring knowledge in a field of science or learning that is characteristically acquired through education or training equivalent to a bachelor’s or higher degree with major study in a specialized field. Individuals must be able to exercise discretion in applying a scholarly body of knowledge to various subject matters. Technical positions are associated with the direct support of law enforcement, professional or administrative personnel. Assignments are generally non-routine in nature and involve extensive practical knowledge, which is either gained through on-the-job experience, specialized training or by a college education. Additionally, the Secret Service has the authority to employ and compensate consultants and experts in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 3109.

Listed below is a sampling of position titles and responsibilities (this is not an inclusive listing):

Basic Eligibility

To be considered for Administrative, Professional and Technical positions you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Pass a drug test (urinalysis)
  • Certify you have registered with the Selective Service System if you are a male applicant born after December 31, 1959, or certify you are exempt from having to do so under selective service law
  • Qualify for a Top Secret clearance and undergo a complete background investigation. Some positions require successful completion of a polygraph and/or medical examination.
  • The Secret Service prohibits employees from having visible body markings (including but not limited to tattoos, body art, and branding) on the head, face, neck, hand and fingers (any area below the wrist bone). If you have visible body markings, you will be required to medically remove such visible body markings at your own expense prior to entering on duty with the Secret Service.


In addition to federal employee benefits, Administrative, Professional and Technical position benefits also include:

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Low-cost life insurance
  • Individual or family membership in low-cost federal health benefit plans
  • Annual leave earned at the rate of 13 to 26 days per year, based on length of employment (prior federal civilian or military service is credited, as authorized)
  • Sick leave accumulated at the rate of 13 days per year without limit
  • Paid holidays
  • Comprehensive retirement benefits (retirement credit is granted for prior federal military or government service, as authorized)
  • Eligibility for participation in Flexible Spending Account Program (a tax-favored program offered to employees to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars)


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