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Application and Forms

Special Agent and Uniformed Division Officer Positions

Effective March 17, 2009, the Secret Service will no longer accept applications through mail, fax or hand delivery for entry level Special Agent or Uniformed Division positions. Any application received by these methods on or after March 17, 2009 will be returned to the applicant.

All Other Secret Service Positions

Application procedures for Professional, Technical, Administrative and Clerical positions will vary depending on the position. The vacancy announcement for each vacant position will provide applicants instructions on how to apply using either the paper based or on-line application process. To view and apply for all Secret Service vacancies, please go to

Applicants are required to fully complete the Knowledge, Skills and Ability statements (KSAs). This information is evaluated to determine your qualifications for the position. Applicants who submit incomplete KSAs will not be considered for the position. All applicants should ensure that you have provided all of the information needed to fully describe your experience and qualifications for this position.

Security Clearance Forms

Adobe Acrobat Reader logoPlease Note: It is essential that you use version 8.0 (or higher) of Adobe Acrobat to complete the forms; previous versions will not allow you to save your work. If you do not already have the software, please follow this link to get the free download.

If you have questions, please contact the Secret Service Recruitment Program at 202-406-5830, or TTY 202-406-5390.

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