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The U.S. Secret Service requires each and every employee to be worthy of trust and confidence.

Applicants must favorably complete the background process, which includes, but is not limited to reference checks, employment checks, criminal history checks, credit history, driving history, military checks, polygraph (if applicable), physical examination (if applicable), urinalysis drug test, interviews with supervisors, coworkers, and personal associates.

The U.S Secret Service is serious about having trust and confidence in an individual who is hired into the Agency. Below is a brief list of items that may disqualify a candidate from becoming a U.S. Secret Service employee:

  • Deliberate omission, concealment or falsification of relevant facts from any personnel security questionnaire, personal history statement or similar form used to conduct investigations, determine employment qualifications, etc
  • Deliberately providing false or misleading information concerning relevant facts to an employer, investigator, security official, competent medial authority or other official government representative
  • Currently in default (failed to make payments) on student loan(s) insured by the U.S. Government
  • Not paying federal/state taxes or not filing taxes
  • Having child support in arrears
  • Having any past due debt to include but not limited to repossessions, judgments, foreclosure or any debt that is not included through a bankruptcy agreement
  • Being convicted of a felony
  • Using illegal drugs during the last three years or while holding a security clearance or position of trust
  • Being a member of any foreign or domestic organization, association, movement, group or combination of persons which is totalitarian, fascist, communist or subversive; or which has adopted a policy advocating or approving the commission of force or violence to deny other persons their rights under the Constitution of the United States.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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